Is gestalt therapy something for me?

We live in a society and a culture where coping by yourself is considered good and correct. Many believe, and maybe expect, that the expected and even longed for events in life will pass easily and without pain.

It can be changing school, having a child, death, new partner, unemployment etc. Things that simply are a part of life. Many of us don´t even think of these events as crisis.

Everyone will at some point in life experience a crisis. Many will handle it well with help from family and friends and sometimes it might feel good to talk to someone from outside.

I offer conversational therapy for individuals and couples. 

Existential questions

Anxiety, feelings of not being enough, feeling worried, existential questions and sorrow are examples of what you might want to work with in gestalt therapy. Maybe you just feel down, decrepit or sad without really knowing why. Empatic presence and human contact heal the wounds in the soul we have drawn upon ourselves through life.

You might go in therapy for a shorter or longer time. Maybe you´re just curious about yourself. I offer a safe and open room to talk about and explore the things that weigh you down.

Frågor eller funderingar?

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